When’s the best time to go?

This is the perfect place to start.

For people who haven’t been to Walt Disney world Orlando they could just book the first thing but there is a lot more to think about when your booking the best time to go. Different months will be cheaper, have less people, weather will be different and so on. So lets start with the cheaper months.

Cheaper Months.

The best months to go that are not going to cost the earth is February, March and September. Out of these months March is the absolute cheapest month. This is cheaper for flights, hotel/villas and tickets. To go in March we have saved £86 on flights and £280 on hotel and Disney tickets. Thats £366 saved my going in March instead of February. Compared to September we are saving £36 on the hotel and tickets. (This is because flights for September 2018 are not out yet.)

If you think March is not an exciting time to go think again. At Epcot from the March 1st they host the International Flower and Garden Festival. Along with making your favourite Disney Character out of flowers there are a range of out door kitchens, out door concerts and much more.


Less crowded months.

February, March, May and September are the best months to go for less people. This means less queuing and better positions for the shows and parades. You do have to be carful however because there are still american holidays that happen in these months. For example we have booked to go 1st March to the 15th March 2018 and in the second week Spring break begins. Some times you cant help but be there in a holiday but if you going for 2 weeks try and book one week before or after the holiday. That way you have one week that is going to be less crowded and the second that maybe a little worst but it is always manageable. The other times I have been have normal crossed a holiday the only time it was a very bad day was on presidents day. Everyone seemed to come out and it was a nightmare to even walk round the park never mind the rides. But the half terms are normal okay because people will spread the days they go.

Top Tip: look at what holidays are happening in America not just the country you are coming from.


If your not a fan of intense heat I would say to avoid June, July and August. Not only are they the expensive months with lots of people it is also the hottest. If you come from the UK like I do these months can be a killer for people not use to heat. The cooler months (still nice a warm but not intensely hot.) are January, February, March, September, October, November and December. I would like to mention September is hurricane season. This dose not mean there will be a hurricane but it dose mean you get a lot of storms. I went in September 3 years ago and the storms tended to happen in the evening. This means you can still have a day of fun but if your staying for the evening/ night shows make sure you have a poncho with you. However the storms are really fantastic to watch. Obviously be safe but for someone who is not use to big storm like this it is amazing to see nature like that.

Below are some charts to help show you the best times. (These were found on Pinterest.)

So thats it for this post. If you want to ask me any question about the months you can contact my on here or on my social media. If you like this and want to see more tip and tricks follow this blog. You can also check out my other blog ThatBritsihGirl.

Hope you guys liked this and will see you again soon.


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